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Wave II, Ruth Stungo
Oxfordshire Basketmakers
Tamed Wave, Elena Goray
Lombok International Bamboo Architecture Festival
Yamaguchi Ryuun
Tai Modern
Bourke's Wave, Peter "Beatle" Collins
Peter "Beatle" Collins
Garden of the Apothecaries, Tetsunori Kawana
Tetsunori Kawana

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Bjorn Braun

The artist foraged nests from the wild and presented them to finches, along with  ribbon, wire, and thread. The new birds incorporated these materials into the old nests.

Art News
Meyer Riegger Gallery

Saturday, September 19, 2015

With Buildings

La Sirena Lake Titicaca, Kathy Bruce
Kathy Bruce
Christine Juillard & Michel Bachelet
Zone vert
Form of Intrigue, Laura Ellen Bacon