Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Gathering Strands Exhibition

Gathering Strands
Redland Art Gallery
Cleveland, Queensland
curated by Freja Carmichael 

Past, Futire, Present, video, natural & synthetic fibre
Amanda Hayman

Our Stories, print on paper
Glennys Briggs

Together Again
Chantal Henley

I Am Your Spine, coconut leaf, coconut spine,raffia
Hannah Gutchen & Hannah Bronte

Pulon Pools, Baskets of Culture, natural raffia,nylon fishing net,synthetic fibre
Sonja Carmichael

Joey Kamu (Big Mangrove Pod Cap), recycled umbrella,polyester wadding, cotton, wool, raffia, shells
Sharon Phineasa

Entwined Traditions, yucca fibre
Debbie Presley

Peek into the Crevice and Get Lost in the Periphery, manipulated Belgium linen
Katina Davidson