Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Game Changers/Fuller Craft Museum

Selections from the exhibition:

High Meadows, Kari Lonning
Kari Lonning

At Last, Jane Sauer
Fuller Craft Museum

Blue Elixir, Lanny Bergner
Lanny Bergner
Landau for the Maharaja, Anastasia Azure
Fuller Craft Museum
Amanda Mccavour
Amanda Mccavour
Oh Canada, Jan Hopkins
Jan Hopkins
John Garrett, John McQueen, Lissa Hunter
Lissa Hunter
Athena, Nancy Loenigsberg
Truth to Power, Adrienne Sloane
Surface Design Association
The Present,  Norma Minkowitz
Norma Minkowitz
Time of the Ten Suns, Carol Eckert
Carol Eckert
Polly Adams Sutton
Polly Adams Sutton
Blown Out, Gyongy Laky
Gyongy Laky
Dawn Walden
Cavin-Morris Gallery